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12 April 2016

The turning of a tap

by Emma

Categories: Hostel Build

The thing about starting from nothing is that to start with you have nothing (I'm queen of stating the obvious). When we were talking about this undertaking it all seemed easy living in tents for a few weeks, after which everything will be sorted. Ha, yeah right.

When we first came out to the property all we had on the land was the shed and the shell of the toilet/shower. The picture below was taken on the day we moved out. 

Toilet/shower building on the day we moved in

Our well was not yet finished because, in a prime example of what we refer to as 'Nica time', the one week to dig the well became three. This is about par for the course down here and a factor which must be taken into consideration when planning anything. Mind you, three weeks for a 7 metre well dug by hand by 'Grandad' with an iron bar for breaking the ground and rock is not bad. 'Grandad' has four teeth, speaks Spanish that no one understands and smokes like a trouper. He could equally be in his 60s or a very hard living 45, no one was quite sure.

The lack of running water was an issue which was not going to be rapidly solved. Luckily, the hostel round the corner had no problem with us using their shower and it was a good excuse to pop round for a cold one and a dip in the pool in the afternoon every couple of days. However, as pleasant as that was we needed some sort of shower of our own, therefore, once water was struck in the well we became the proud owners of our very own state of the art field shower...

Field shower

A simple and straightforward solution that only involved a 50m walk, lowering the bucket into the well, drawing water up and then lugging the bucket bak, filling the shower bucket and hanging it in the tree. Or in my case smiling sweetly at Rob and asking if he would set the shower up for me as I had neither the strength to get a full bucket out of the well nor carry it and I was too short to hang it up.

This shower did us proud for about three months, with a slight hiatus on the day that a snake was found coiled up under one of the floor blocks.

Nobody was upset when it was replaced with a real shower, proper flowing water! No longer was the choice to be made between washing your hair or washing the rest of you, a harder decision for the girls admittedly. The ability to turn a tap and get running water, whilst seeming such a small thing, is truely a luxury we underestimate.

New shower


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